Thought Leadership

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Through a transdisciplinary methodology that attempts to bridge the ethical wisdom of faith and ethics traditions and the rich tradition of the humanities with scientific, technological, and economic innovation, we produce analyses and frameworks through a range of media that engages the frontier of real-world quandaries. We do this through speaking events such as our panel discussion on “trust” at the Davos World Economic Forum, corporate lecture series such as recent events held at VMware, PMI, etc., and profile pieces like those featured in the Wall Street Journal.

Recent news

 "How do organizations and leaders reckon with their past that conflict with the sensibilities of the moment? They must; but how? Promises to change, of course, are not uncommon. Actual transformation, however, is far rarer. How can we assess a threshold between the two?" In "The Ethics of Organizational Change," David W. Miller and Michael J. Thate continue their leading role in creating models for organizational strategy that are both realistic and transformative, especially in light of the cultural and societal factors impacting us all. Here, they propose innovative methodology that accomplishes and measures such change, coordinating the interests of actors both within and outside of an organization. You can hear an interview with David about the study, on a podcast episode of the series "Spectator Briefings."

Their work also appears in the newly released The Spirit of Conscious Capitalism: Contributions of World Religions and Spiritualities, part of the book series "Ethical Economy: Studies in Economic Ethics and Philosophy" (Switzerland: Springer). Michael's article is "Can Capitalism Be Conscious of Anything But Itself? Gnosticism, Attention, and Persuasive Technologies," and David and Michael co-authored "The Responsible Leader."