The Experience Type places high value on how one experiences their work as the primary manifestation of integrating their faith/religion/spirituality and work. Depending on the individual and the work environment, the Experience Type arises from different motivations and manifests itself in different ways. There are three motivators: a search for meaning, a search for purpose, and the intrinsic value of the work itself. Experience Types tend to view work as a calling or vocation, refer to work as a means to serve others, and commit to doing their work excellently. Two primary manifestations of the Experience Type are the Outcomes orientation and the Process/Activity orientation. These orientations, while distinct, can exist in the same person, as both seek to experience work as something greater than a job to pay the bills. Atheists and agnostics can also be Experience Types, as they seek work with deep personal resonance or as a means of helping other people.

The Experience Type with an Outcomes orientation views work primarily as a means to an end. While the work itself is not necessarily unimportant, it is seen as the vehicle for something greater. The end result of their work (or perhaps the organization’s product) provides them with meaning and purpose. Work is the means to connect with something bigger—serving the world, God, or a higher purpose. For this orientation, work is a means not only to help provide material needs for oneself but also some benefit to society as a whole.

The Experience Type with a Process/Activity orientation views work as an end in itself. They identify very closely with the nature of what they do or their position. Often, they view work as a spiritual calling, “how I’m wired,” or “what I was born to do.” This orientation places value on the nature of their work itself, mastering the processes and tasks that comprise it and seeking to undertake their work with excellence. Some also place accent on valuing the interpersonal relationships they nurture in the workplace and provide comfort and care to co-workers.