Sunday-Monday Gap Research Projects

The space between 11AM Sunday and 8AM Monday for most church-going people might as well be like the distance between Boston and Beijing. They have little to do with each other and seem to be at opposite ends of the world.

This "worship-work" gap is not limited to any one religious tradition. For many, the sharp distinction between one’s spiritual image of how life “ought to be” and the workplace reality of "how it is" is pronounced. However, this project focuses on the Christian community to explore this faith-work bifurcation, its causes, and recommendations to overcome the Sunday-Monday gap.

This research project poses two questions. First, how do lay women and men find more intentional ways to connect their faith to their work? This involves integrating faith/religion/spirituality in ways that help inform their ethics, find a sense of meaning and purpose, and live flourishing lives in today’s highly competitive and often stressful workplace. Second, how do clergy more intentionally and effectively tend to the needs, challenges, and hopes of those in and called to the business world?

This research and writing will consider various theological underpinnings and ecclesiastical paradigms, and suggest possible models and methods to help laity and clergy alike overcome the Sunday-Monday gap. Drawing on ethnographic research, narrative, and stories, it will consider the four primary ways in which most people manifest their spiritual instincts and practices (The Four E's).