Call for Papers

The Princeton University Faith & Work Initiative is seeking researchers to participate in furthering its understanding of the intersection of faith/religion/spirituality and work through a series of working papers. Specifically, the proposed research topics (listed below) are intended to support and enhance the development of the FWI's present research endeavor, The Integration Profile (TIP). The TIP is a theory posited by Miller that theorizes four manifestations of how faith is realized in the workplace: ethics, expression, experience, and enrichment. The theory is currently undergoing rigorous testing, following best practice social science methods, through the development of a psychometric scale designed to measure these four manifestations. 

The researcher(s) assigned to the working papers will develop a research paper thesis in coordination with the FWI director and other assigned research personnel. The broad categories of research topics include, but are not limited to: Leadership; Organizational Culture; Organizational Outcomes and Performance; Corporate Social Responsibility and Pro-social Behavior; Human Resource Issues; and Human Rights and Legal Issues. Other subjects not covered under these topics are also welcome.

The researcher(s) will be expected to complete the working paper in a 6-9 month period, whereupon the working paper(s) will be posted to the FWI web site. The paper’s content will be property of the author(s) and the FWI initiative and cannot be cited without express permission of the authors and/or the FWI initiative. The working papers are intended to generate open academic discussion when posted on the web site, to use in FWI symposia, and to develop either into an academic publication or a chapter in a book sponsored by the FWI director and research personnel.

Researchers who are interested in submitting a working paper should contact the Faith & Work Initiative with a letter of interest to David W. Miller ( and Nicoleta Acatrinei ( or by mail at Princeton University Faith & Work Initiative, 5 Ivy Lane, Princeton, NJ 08542, USA . The letter should include a brief explanation of your qualifications and reason for interest in the topic, your CV, a description of which working paper research topic is of interest, your suggested thesis ideas, and a short annotated bibliography. Researchers may also be solicited and appointed at the behest of the FWI director.