The Integration Profile Research Project

Example of TIP profiles

The Integration Profile (TIP): an Individual and Organization Faith and Work Integration Scale

FWI’s second major research project builds on the continued development of The Integration Profile (TIP), a psychometric assessment tool to measure how individuals and groups manifest or “bring” their faith to work. Notably, this is the only instrument that measures faith at work in a business context for people of all religious traditions, and does so at both the individual and aggregate level. This project builds on and expands “The Integration Box” theory Miller initially posited in God at Work (Oxford University Press, 2007). Miller and collaborators Prof. Tim Ewest of Houston Baptist University, and Prof. Mitch Neubert of Baylor University have submitted a peer-reviewed paper on the technical aspects of the TIP scale development. FWI’s Nicoleta Acatrinei has assumed responsibility for further research based on TIP, as well as overseeing the development of a web-based TIP application for wider scholarly research and general use. And Miller, Ewest, and FWI’s Michael Thate have prepared a draft book manuscript featuring TIP, called Taboo No More: Faith at Work? It is designed to be accessible to a wider business audience.