Sky Pilots

David Miller

Sky Pilots: A Study of Workplace Chaplaincy

This research project focuses on a growing phenomenon called “workplace chaplains,” more archaically known as “Sky Pilots.”  There is limited scholarly study of military, hospital, and prison chaplains, and even less research into workplace chaplains who serve in for-profit businesses. To remedy this void, Miller and colleagues have undertaken an in-depth, mixed-methods study, drawing on quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews at companies with workplace chaplains. CEOs, HR professionals, workers, and chaplains were extensively interviewed and surveyed. With Prof. Faith Ngunjiri at Concordia College and assistance from Dennis LoRusso, the team have published two peer-reviewed journal articles, authored a chapter in an edited volume, and have another article under review. Focus is now shifting to writing a book on Sky Pilots aimed at a wider business audience, drawing on the research to help explain and analyze it potential possibilities and pitfalls in modern business.


Read here an article in The Atlantic about Miller's work on workplace chaplaincy.