John Bogle, Founder, Chairman and CEO (retired), Vanguard Funds

John Bogle

May 27, 2011

"Faith & Ethics in the Executive Suite: A Protestant Perspective"

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Professor David Miller introduces John Bogle, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of The Vanguard Group. Bogle is best known for promoting low-cost investing by being the first to offer individual investors access to index funds. He was also named one of the “world’s 100 most powerful and influential people” by TIME magazine in 2004. Professor David Miller interviews John Bogle about starting The Vanguard Group, applying the Golden Rule in business, the importance of focus, executive compensation, stewardship, how to stay ethically fresh, business as a calling, and generosity.

John Bogle talks about growing up, applying the Golden Rule to business, the financial industry today, and whether business ethics is an oxymoron.   John Bogle answers questions about how to inculcate company values in a large corporation, Pascal’s wager, the role of ego in business, the future of America, business ethics, and the structure of investment banking.