FWI partners in the groundbreaking podcast "Money, Meet Meaning"

May 18, 2024

FWI is delighted to serve as a supporting partner for a newly launched podcast co-created by FWI advisory board member, Tom Levinson. The podcast, "Money, Meet Meaning," explores the surprising relevance of the world's religious and spiritual traditions on our life with money. The show spotlights conversation with guests who thoughtfully, creatively weave together their spiritual life with their financial life. We are so energized by our collaboration with Tom on "Money, Meet Meaning", because the podcast is so aligned with the mission and work of FWI. 

As an FWI Advisory Board member, Tom sees the mission as mutual: "Meeting the folks at FWI and getting actively involved there has been like manna from heaven for me. Getting to partner with deeply learned, committed people to explore the intersections of what we do (our work), how we do it (our ethics), and why we do it (our faith and religious commitments) has been illuminating - a great, energizing gift."

Here's Tom on the podcast: "A lot of our culture exhibits a reflexive instinct to hold our religious commitments and our financial decision-making at arm's length - sometimes for good reason. But over years of reading and learning across different faith traditions, I think that represents a missed opportunity. Our wisdom traditions actually have a great deal to say - and have said it for millennia - about one of the great sources of stress and struggle in our contemporary world: our life with money. It might seem counterintuitive, but money can serve as a vehicle that helps us uncover, and recover, what's most relevant, meaningful -- and yes, holy -- in our day-to-day lives."