Michael Thate offers summer lectures in Budapest and France

Oct. 3, 2023

In summer 2023, FWI Associate Research Scholar/Lecturer Michael J. Thate delivered a lecture to the undergraduate students at Corvinus Institute for Advanced Study at the University of Budapest on the question of business ethics in our era of market capitalism. His lecture spotlighted the challenges of complicity in a market economy, responsible design at the edge of engineering, and entrepreneurship as an embodied ethical life. While there, he also took part in a panel discussion and lecture on the location and status of the humanities both within the University and within business in general. His lecture spotlighted the shifting models of University life and the question of “relevance” as a category with which both STEM and traditional humanities departments must face. 

Michael also gave a lecture at Climont, France, on clarifying the ethical task as “Ecological Attunement.” His lecture presented his work in progress that articulates a legal theory of “fairness" grounded in a political ecology that considers all “life” as stakeholders of the biosphere. These lectures were his first public sharing of his current book project, Scented Life