David Miller joins panel "Generative AI: The Good, The Bad and the Precarious Edges": Tiger Entrepreneurs Conference, Reunions 2023

May 16, 2023

As part of this year’s Reunions Tiger Entrepreneurs Conference and Pitch Competition, organized by the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council (PEC) and Princeton Entrepreneurs' Network (PEN), FWI director David W. Miller joined a panel hosted by Don Seitz '79 on the advances and pitfalls of GPT and Generative AI technologies. 

This panel discussed the rapid developments in generative and explainable AI, the advances and pitfalls of GPT and related technologies, the ethical implications, and perspectives from Princeton startup founders in the space. It’s all the rage since OpenAI, recently acquired by Microsoft, released ChatGPT and with other big tech companies responding with their own solutions and applications s across a range of use cases and industry sectors.

Moderated by Don Seitz '79, the panelists included:

Arvind Narayanan, Professor of Computer Science at Princeton University and effective July 2023, Director of the Center for Information Technology Policy, studies the societal impact of digital technologies and particularly AI. Among many initiatives, he is leading a book project to dispel the hype, remove misconceptions, and clarify the limits of AI.

Ruth Fong, a teaching faculty member in the Department of Computer Science, leads Princeton's Looking Glass Lab and collaborates with the Visual AI Lab. Her research and teaching focus on computer vision, machine learning, and explainable AI.

David Miller, Director of Princeton's Faith & Work Initiative, researches ethics issues from a number of perspectives and teaches both undergraduate and graduate student classes on the topic.

Two student founders:

  • Edward Tian '23, founder of GTPZero, an app that sniffs out bot-written text in educational settings and other use cases
  • Mayank Agrawal, a Ph.D. student in psychology and neuroscience, co-founder of an AI-tech enabled startup rethinking the field of market research

The panels met on Friday, May 26, 10:30 a.m. at the Friend Center on the Princeton campus.