David Miller to co-moderate the interdisciplinary Princeton Bioethics Exchange

Nov. 30, 2022

The Princeton Bioethics Exchange is a new discussion group for graduate and postdoctoral students in training, led by Ezra Levy and Madeline Chalifoux of the Molecular Biology department and co-moderated by David Miller of the Faith & Work Initiative in the Keller Center for Innovation and Penelope Georges of the Council on Science and Technology. 

Connecting communities of thought and practice, the goal is to help cultivate ethical awareness, reflection, and practical resources to address the personal and professional ethical ramifications of one’s area of research and resulting public-policy considerations. This interdisciplinary group will meet informally several times throughout the semester to explore and discuss bioethical situations selected by students, with selected readings and topics. Students across all university disciplines are invited to participate and determine the agenda and content.  

The first meeting wasThursday, December 8, 2022. The topic was "Uncertainty in Genetics," touching on the innovation and implications of prime editing and polygenicity.   

Any students interested should reach out to Ezra Levy ([email protected]) and Maddie Chalifoux ([email protected]) for more details.