Special Issue on Faith & Work. Guest Editors: David W. Miller and Nicoleta Acatrinei

Jan. 9, 2019

Call for papers! Archive for the Psychology of Religion is pleased to invite papers for a special issue on "The past, the present and the future of integrating faith/religion/spirituality and work".  Deadline for submission: 31st March 2019. See details here after.

The Archive for the Psychology of Religion and special issue Editors Prof. David W. Miller and Dr. Nicoleta Acatrinei seek paper submissions for an issue concerning the integration of faith and work. The oldest journal in the field (est. 1914), the Archive is the official publication of International Association for the Psychology of Religion (IAPR).

Long confined to the private sphere by the dominant secular worldwide view, faith/religion/spirituality is making its grand return to the public sphere (Ewest, 2018; Hill & Dik, 2012; Miller, 2007). In particular, psychology of religion, management studies, and sociology have combined to provide multiple explanations concerning how beliefs and their practice interact with workplace settings (Ashmos & Duchon, 2000; Caroll, 2013; Giacalone & Jurkiewicz, 2010; Hill & Dik, 2012; Neal, 2013). This interdisciplinary approach has demonstrated that religious and spiritual values shape attitudes and behaviors with determinant impacts both at individual and collective levels (LoRusso, 2018; Neubert, 2018; Pargament, et al. 2013). As this area of the field emerges, critical questions await investigation in several prominent domains:

Theory: What are the cognitive, social, and other sources that effectively frame this area of investigation? How can differing theories be tested competitively?

Methodology: How and in what circumstances do qualitative and quantitative approaches provide clear evidence of effects?

Application: Are there specific interventions that can be used to enhance well-being and productivity?

Submit papers for consideration by 31 March 2019 via the journal’s author portal. Preliminary questions may be directed to Dr. Acatrinei at nicoleta.acatrinei@princeton.edu. All submissions should comply with the journal’s submission guidelines and will undergo standard peer evaluation.

Review articles, model testing efforts, and work that incorporates Open Science initiatives are strongly encouraged. Approximately 6 papers will be selected for the final issue.

Additional details of the call may be found on the IAPR website.

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