David W. Miller keynote at Values20 Group

Oct. 21, 2020

David Miller keynote: “How Values and Trust Drive Today’s Business Decision Making”.

Ahead of the G20 in Saudi Arabia, a new unofficial group, the Values20, has been launched to support the G20 leaders and wider world develop policies with values at their core and help build new momentum for global action. It will demonstrate that values play a pivotal role in achieving the goals of the G20 and the Sustainable Development Goals.  The group’s mission is to promote a people-centered public policy, accounting for people’s values and leading to tangible policy results.

One of the Values20 task force's focus is how leadership values can improve organizational outcomes and performance. To enhance that focus the Values20 group will host a fireside chat and open discussion on values and trust with Dr. David Miller, a leading voice on the topic and Director of Faith & Work Initiative at Princeton University.