God at Work


Miller's initial book, God at Work: The History and Promise of the Faith at Work Movement (Oxford University Press, 2007), developed and explored the thesis that there is a social movement called "faith at work." He found that many people in all levels and lines of work, across a variety of religious traditions, increasingly want to integrate their spiritual dimension with their workplace life. Many in the marketplace are no longer content to compartmentalize their faith from their work. The faith at work movement is largely lay-founded and lay-led, with nominal awareness of or interest in it by clergy or seminaries. In contrast, corporate leaders and business academics are aware of this new desire to bring faith to work but are unsure how to respond to it.

God at Work also raises several issues about the faith at work movement that merit further study to understand its potential impact at individual, organizational, and societal levels. To respond to this professional interest and the lack of substantive research or practical resources, Miller's research through FWI is continuing to lead to a series of articles and books that address some of the questions and issues raised by the faith at work movement. 

Notable Book Reviews & Endorsements

Rather than celebrate late life atonement to compensate for careers of corruption, David Miller shows a long, proud tradition of leaders who reach for purpose in their work and compassion in their workplace. This richly textured, historically accurate and spiritually uplifting book should be read not only by those who need it the least and will love it, but also by those who badly need it and don't know it." --Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Senior Associate Dean, Yale School of Management and co-author of

Leadership and Governance from the Inside Out

"By providing definition, history, and current activity, Miller offers a very useful introduction to this movement."--^Choice

"The most thoughtful attempt so far to take both religion and business seriously as partners."--Harvard Business Review

"God at Work draws on Miller's background in corporate management, theological training, and extensive research to provide an insightful analysis of recent efforts to bring religious faith into more active engagement with the complex decisions of the contemporary workplace. At a time when corporate scandals have rocked the nation, this inside look at the ethical challenges facing top executives is sorely needed. Miller shows that local congregations have seldom provided guidance for members with managerial responsibilities and academia has rarely provided a hospitable environment for discussions of faith and ethics in the business world, either. Still, there are some hopeful signs that this neglect is changing. Miller's engaging discussion helps chart the course." --Robert Wuthnow, author of The Crisis in the Churches: Spiritual Malaise, Fiscal Woe

"David Miller explores the next major chapter that most companines are wrestling with on the Diversity and Inclusion journey --- religion in the workplace. He provides excellent insights. " --Steve Reinemund, Chairman, PepsiCo

"God at Work, by David W. Miller, is an important contribution to the discussion of the growing role of religion in business life. It ought to find its way into MBA courses on human relations, business ethics, and marketing, among others." --Robert W. Fogel, Charles R. Walgreen Professor of American Institutions, Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago, and 1993 Nobel Prize Winner in Economics

"As both a theologian and a business person, David Miller provides a unique perspective on the faith/work movement. This book contains a scholarly review of its roots, a careful and thorough description of its current momentum, and a thoughtful critique of its future. It is a must read for the person who wants to understand how God and worship relate to the reality of the workplace." -- C. William Pollard, Chairman Emeritus, ServiceMaster